Botanicals for Sale
The below original artworks are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact Marilyn Garber at the Minnesota School of Botanical Art at Please note that the quality of the reproduced images below are imperfect. Most works are on a bright white ground or an off-white calfskin vellum. Originals may be shown by appointment. Prices available upon request. All copyrights are owned by the artists and images may not be reproduced without permission.
Creger Milkweed.jpg

Milkweed - Kathy Creger

Creger Narcissus.jpg

Narcissus Bulb - Kathy Creger

Creger Violet Lav.jpg

Violets (Lavendar) - Kathy Creger

Creger Artichoke.jpg

Artichoke - Kathy Creger

Creger Cherries.jpg

Cherries - Kathy Creger

Creger Gourd Pair.jpg

Gourd Pair - Kathy Creger

KC Cherries.jpg

KC Cherries.jpg


Orchid - Kathy Creger

Indian Corn scan.jpg

Indian Corn - Kathy Creger

Cregeer Violet Purple.jpg

Violet - Kathy Creger

Garber Trout Lily.jpg

Trout Lily - Marilyn Garber

GarberAmaryllis Bulb.jpg

Amaryllis Bulb - Marilyn Garber


American Red Currant - Marilyn Garber


Lily - Marilyn Garber


Cezanne's Plums - Marilyn Garber


Pomegranate - Marilyn Garber

GarberScrewpine Pro 1.jpg

Screwpine - Marilyn Garber


Succulent - Marilyn Garber


Tulip Bulb - Marilyn Garber


Tulip Print - Marilyn Garber


Alstromeria - Marilyn Garber

J Goltz Aged Tulip10h 300dpi.jpg

Tulip - Janet Goltz

J Goltz Boston Red Leaf Lettuce - 10h 300dpi.jpg

Boston Red Leaf Lettuce - Janet Goltz

J Goltz Burgundy Bliss orchid 10h 300dpi.jpg

Burgundy Bliss Orchid - Janet Goltz

J Goltz Common Milkweed 10h 300dpi.jpg

Common Milkweed - Janet Goltz

J Goltz Fresh Tulip 10h 300dpi.jpg

Tulip II - Janet Goltz

J Goltz Moth Orchid 10w 300 dpi.jpg

Moth Orchid - Janet Goltz

J Goltz Paperwhite 10w 300 dpi.jpg

Paperwhite - Janet Goltz

J GoltzWatermelon 10w 300 dpi.jpg

Watermelon - Janet Goltz

LShrub rose & false indigo 2 low res.jpg

Shrub Rose & False Indigo - Jane Hancock

grapes_flat_8high - Copy - Copy.jpg

Wild Grapes - Linda Medved Lufkin

LML_Brown Beech Mushrooms_flat - Copy.jpg

Beech Mushrooms - Linda Medved Lufkin

LML_Dancing Radishes_flat_8high - Copy.jpg

Radishes - Linda Medved Lufkin

LML_scan003_final_8high - Copy.jpg

Sunflower - Linda Medved Lufkin

LML_scan004_final - Copy.jpg

Sumo Orange - Linda Medved Lufkin

LML_scan007_final_8high - Copy.jpg

Red Pine - Linda Medved Lufkin

LML_Three Pears_final.jpg

Three Pears - Linda Medved Lufkin

LML_Tomatilloes_final - Copy.jpg

Tomatilloes - Linda Medved Lufkin

Arctic Gentian scan.jpg

Arctic Gentian - Linda Powers

Dahlia 4Prince scan.jpg

Dahlia 4 Prince - Linda Powers

Fall Leaves Trio scan.jpg

Fall Leaves Trio - Linda Powers

Wild Crafted Onions scan.jpg

Wild Crafted Onions - Linda Powers

Fresh Ginger scan.jpg

Fresh Ginger - Linda Powers

Gooseberry Stem scan.jpg

Gooseberry - Linda Powers


Mushrooms - Anna Rosenthal


Leave - Anna Rosenthal


Fritillaria - Anna Rosenthal


Beans - Scott Stapleton


Stone - Scott Stapleton


Leaves - Scott Stapleton